What to expect from Ayurveda or Ayurvedic methods

Ayurvedic treatment is the world’s oldest healthcare system. It is known as the mother of medical science. Ayurvedic treatment was first developed in Indian Subcontinent about 5000 years ago. The key point of Ayurvedic medicine is to integrate and balance human’s mind, body and spirit. This principle helps to get rid of illness and promotes wellness.

Ayurvedic healthcare system focuses on rebalancing the three basic types of energy which exist in every human’s body. These three basic energy types are known as Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These three basic types of energy remain balanced in every human’s body. Many undesired things like mental stress, environment, unbalanced diet, strained family relationships, etc. may disturb the balance between these energy. As per Ayurvedic concepts, this energy disturbance results illness. All Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe in such a way that these energies back into balance.

If you visit an Ayurvedic practitioner to get rid of illness, he will ask you a detailed health history, feel your abdomen, check your body pulses, examine your eyes, tongue, skin nails, and even skin, and listen your voice tone. The practitioner may ask you about your general health condition, would give special attention to your diet, lifestyle, habits, and environments. Then the practitioner will recommend some ways to re-establish your natural Dosha balance. This will change your physical and mental condition and will help you to get rid of illness. Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe more than 20 categories of treatment, but the most common treatments are: Pranayama, Abhyanga, Rasayana, Yoga, Pancha karma, and Herbal medicines.

The goal of Ayurvedic is to prevent all kind of diseases and live a healthy and happy life. Studies have proven than Ayurvedic is highly effective at reducing all kind of heart disease. Western medical researchers have proven that Ayurvedic technique help to get relief from stress, which in turn eliminate disease. Nowadays, Ayurvedic treatment is becoming much popular in western world as well as in United States. But, if anyone uses any medicine without good knowledge of Ayurvedic, it may be risky. We highly recommend everyone to contact a doctor or an Ayurvedic practitioner before taking any Ayurvedic medicine. However, there are several books on Ayurvedic healthcare, in which you will get brief description of all diseases as well as their Ayurvedic treatment.

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